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My name is Lars Nielsen im at the curten time 29 years old and live in a smale contry named Denmark in Europe, of interest it goes on manny areas as Machines, photo shoting, drawning, music, wood construcktion, Eletronick machines travling, boathing, The weathers rampage around the glob,  animation and so much more.




My work at teh curtain time is recykelstation worker, primare task is to get pll. to dispose thire garbish in souch way that it all or as much as posibelt will be recykled insted of domped in to a deep pit where it will do no good to Nature. That itself is a large task.




My sparetimes goes with taking photos and drawing picthurs Online roleplay, working and buillding on my summerhouse lisning much music and eventing creathing machinery and dayly days things that just makes things much easyer to handel, manny ideas to machines and other smale projeckts are in the mind and will be created one day when the time is right and the monny is there to support as well




is a large and hot talkso to speek as it  goes all from Euro-dance, dance, trance, goa, rave, techno, rock, hard rock, metal, heavy metal, dead metal, nature sounds,  some punk, moden hip hop, hip hop, clasic